Entry Fee

The entry fee for the 2021 Bell Lexus North Scottsdale Copperstate 1000 is $8,000 and includes all meals and double occupancy lodging for the driver and co-driver starting from the hotel stay Saturday evening through Wednesday evening.

 Additional Costs

Additional Room (Single Room Supplement) – $2,500
Single Crew Package (one person, one room) – $5,000
Double Crew Package (two people, one room) – $7,000

Vehicle Eligibility

In keeping with the spirit of a vintage car rally, model year 1973 and older sports, racing, and grand touring cars are eligible. Cars newer than 1973 cannot be substituted for any reason, even after the rally begins.

Consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis for certain post-1973 vehicles that exhibit design continuity with earlier models (i.e. no significant changes discernible from 1973 production year.)

Clones, reproductions, tributes, continuation-series cars (except as noted above), and recreations are not eligible for participation on the Copperstate 1000.  All cars are subject to the same standards for admission and acceptance.

Entrant Eligibility

No one under the age of 18 may participate in the Copperstate 1000. Drivers, Co-Drivers, and all Crew members must be over 18.


All applications must be filled out in their entirety and submitted online. The deadline for submitting an application is Sunday, January 31. Once your online application has been completed and submitted, you will receive an email confirmation indicating we have successfully received your application.

Notification of acceptance is February 8. Confirmation of acceptance and the remainder of entry fee (if applicable) will be due on Friday, February 26. Once accepted, $500 of your deposit will be considered non‐refundable. If you cancel after February 26, the entire entry fee is nonrefundable and will be considered as a contribution to Men’s Arts Council. If an application is not accepted, the entry deposit will be returned in full.

Single Room Supplements

A limited number of single room supplements are available for those needing two rooms.  All additional room requests must be received at the time of application submittal.  Availability of additional rooms may be limited.  Copperstate cannot guarantee additional room availability if the request is  made after your application has been accepted.

Crew Packages

Anyone who accompanies an entrant in a separate vehicle, FOR ANY REASON (mechanical assistance, towing assistance, photography, etc), is considered a crew member.  All crew members must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Copperstate.  Crew packages will be strictly limited and will be reviewed prior to acceptance. We reserve the right to limit the number of crew and support vehicles. In addition we reserve the right to expel any entrant failing to formally register a crew member. Copperstate cannot guarantee room availability for your Crew if the request is made after your application has been accepted. In some cases Crews may have to stay at an offsite hotel.

Application Checklist

You will need to gather or prepare detailed information to complete your application. The following is a checklist of the information required. Please have it ready before starting your application.

You will need detailed information about:

  • You and your co-driver: addresses, contact info, event history
  • Your vehicle: year, make, model, VIN#, Chassis#
  • Your Alternate Vehicle: year, make, model, VIN#, Chassis# (Please note: an alternate vehicle is not required but is strongly suggested as it might improve your chance at being accepted.)
  • Vehicle description and history: any racing and/or rallying history and anecdotes related to the car’s acquisition, restoration, history and unique features
  • Vehicle photos: multiple hi-resolution, digital photo(s) of your car – front 3/4 shots preferred

PLEASE REMEMBER – If you do not receive an email confirmation, we did not receive your online application. If you experience any problems, please contact Kelly Whitton at 602-307-2007 or at