Terms & Conditions


At registration for The West Select Sale (The Sale), each paid guest will be provided with an intent to purchase book. They will also receive a name badge. Both the intent to purchase book and the name badge will be stamped with the guest’s buyer/bidder number. Please note: name badges must be displayed at all times during The Sale in order to validate the buyer’s intent to purchase slips. Failure by a buyer to display their name badge may result in disqualification of their intent to purchase slips.

Intent to Purchase Slip(s)

The intent to purchase book contains one intent to purchase slip for each work of art in the exhibition. Each slip is also stamped with the buyer’s individual buyer number.  If a buyer wishes purchase a work of art, they must submit the signed intent to purchase slip in the box for the work of art they wish to purchase.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting the intent to purchase slip to ensure that it is placed in the box corresponding to the work of art they intend to purchase. The buyer name and number on the slip must match the name and number on the name badge.  Any buyer’s intent to purchase slip submitted and drawn during The Sale shall be considered by the Men’s Arts Council as an agreement to purchase that work of art. Failure to fully and accurately complete the intent to purchase slip may result in disqualification. Intent to purchase slips should not be folded or defaced . Any attempt by a buyer to submit two or more intent to purchase slips with the same buyer number for one work of art shall result in disqualification.

Intent to Purchase Period

The doors will open to view works of art at 5:30 pm and buyers have until 7 pm to submit their intent to purchase slips for their works of art they wish to purchase. Men’s Arts Council members will be in the room to assist in any way. 

First Horn & Drawing

At approximately 7 pm, a horn will sound to signal the expiration of the intent to purchase period.  No intent to purchase slips will be accepted for any work of art after the sounding of the horn.

At that time, a MAC volunteer will shake the box and draw two intent to purchase slips. If there is only one buyer’s intent to purchase slip in the box, they shall be awarded the sale of the work of art. If there are multiple slips then, the buyer’s name on the first slip drawn shall be written as the #1 buyer on the card posted on the wall or podium next to the work of art. The buyer’s name on the second slip drawn will be posted as the #2 buyer.

Second Horn

The first buyer whose name is drawn and listed next to the work of art will have twenty minutes or until the sounding of the second horn (at approximately 7:20 pm) to reach the work of art, display their corresponding name badge/number and present full payment for the work of art as per the payment method described herein.

If buyer #1 does not respond and make payment prior to the sounding of the second horn, then buyer #2 will be allowed to purchase the work of art. Fifteen minutes will then be allotted for buyer #2 to respond, display the proper name badge/number, and submit full payment. If buyer #2 does not respond, the salesperson will conduct further drawings until a buyer responds within five minutes of each subsequent drawing. Should any item remain unclaimed after subsequent drawings, it may be purchased at the stated price by any paid guest. Decisions by the MAC salesperson are final and not subject to appeal.

Sculptures and Photographs

For sculptures and photographs with multiple editions available, the first buyer’s name drawn will be awarded the purchase of the exhibited work of art. The drawing will continue for remaining sculpture or photography editions until all are sold or until all submitted intent to purchase slips have been drawn. The order of casting for subsequent sculptures and editions for photographs will be at the Artist’s discretion. All buyers’ names will be posted on the card beside the work of art. Most sculptures and photographs will have multiple editions available.

Note: Phoenix Art Museum and Western Art Associates reserve the right to acquire one work of art in the Exhibition in advance of The Sale.


Payment shall be made cash, check or credit cards* (Visa, MasterCard and American Express.) Checks will be made payable to MAC Events LLC for the full sale price except for sculptures and photographs not on display. Although corporate and business names may not be used on intent to purchase slips, corporate or business checks will be accepted in payment for works of art. MAC reserves the right to require identification from any buyer, and may deny a buyer’s purchase if their intent to purchase slip number does not correspond to their name badge number. Resale of works of art during The Sale is prohibited. Applicable sales tax will be added to the final sales price of each work of art.

* PLEASE NOTE: a 3% fee will be charged for each credit card transaction.

Shipment/Pick Up

Phoenix Art Museum reserves the right to continue to exhibit all works of art purchased by the buyer for the entire The West Select Exhibition (The Exhibition). After the close of the Exhibition, sufficient time will be required to de-install and pack the individual works of art. They will then be shipped collect to the buyer. Delivery will be made to the buyer only, pursuant to provisions of the Bill of Sale. Buyers of sculptures and photographs (other than the one on display) should contact the Artist directly to make arrangements for delivery. Availability and shipping dates of bronzes and photographs not on exhibit should be arranged directly with the Artist.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. Buyer should contact the Office of the Registrar at the Museum at (602) 307-2057, by December 26, 2014 to arrange the pick up/shipment of their Works of Art. Works of Art must be picked up between January 6 and January 10, 2015 (unless previous arrangements have been made). If the works of art are to be shipped, shipment to the buyer will be made as soon as possible after January 6, 2015.


Phoenix Art Museum is responsible for insuring the works of art during The Exhibition. Insurance coverage during outbound shipment is at the discretion of the buyer.