The Artists

Gary Ernest Smith

Gary Ernest Smith was born and raised in a relatively isolated farm community 25 miles northeast of Baker City, Oregon. His interests and intensity for painting began at an early age and progressed through college degrees, numerous commissions and awards to a full time pursuit of painting.

The commission work that dominated the early years eventually stifled his creativity. Dissatisfaction with this career direction forced him to reach inward and search beyond popular style and accepted artistic norms to a personal vision.

Following years of artistic training and experimentation, subject matter began to emerge based on the artist’s background of a rural life-style that celebrates the values of hard work and self-reliance. These aspects of Smith’s life came together and became the catalyst for his distinctive style. Living in the west, his work is primarily of that region, but it is not western in the traditional sense.

Although it defies precise classification, the artist considers his style “minimal” and seeks to express the essence and simplicity of each subject. Whatever the focus might be, his work expresses the artistic elements of bold form and color. These two components become the vehicle that melds the style and subject into a symbolic visual language, expanding the artistic appeal beyond the west to captivate the attention of a sophisticated urban audience.

Smith paints at his studio and home nestled in the mountains of the Bull River in Highland, Utah. Here he and his wife, Judy, a professional musician, live and work amidst fields, gardens and open spaces. They have four children.

2014 Work

Desert Sunset

Man for All Seasons

Man of The West

Navajo Farming

2013 Work

Desert Solitude

Snow Canyon

Standing in Light

Worker Silhouette

2012 Work

Desert Thunderhead

Horses in Sage Brush

Modern Cowboy

Newly Plowed

2011 Work

Blue Mountains of Baker Valley

Clouds Over Red Earth

Horse Pasture in Red Rock Country

Horses of the Grand Ronde Valley