The Artists

Donna Howell-Sickles

“My fascination with the cowgirl image began in my last year of college. I received an old postcard from a friend in a typical art student trade. He brought over a large box of stuff including some of his own pottery. Near the bottom of the box were several old postcards, one of a cowgirl c. 1935 seated on a horse captioned “Greetings from a Real Cowgirl from the Ole Southwest”. The image spoke to me and I had no idea why. Although I had grown up on a farming ranching operation in Texas we never really thought of ourselves as Western. I surrendered to the attraction and as I used the Cowgirl in my art and I slowly filled in the blanks about my fascination with the imagery.”
~Donna Howell Sickles

2014 Work

Here by Choice

In the Spotlight

Stories of Life and Water

What Goes Around

2013 Work

Seeking Inspiration

Sky Full of Horses and A Heart Full of Dreams

So Close You Can Rope Them