The Artists

D. LaRue Mahlke

There is a quiet thoughtfulness and passionate purpose to the work of artist D. LaRue Mahlke. Her paintings convey a sense of restfulness and peace that reflect the spiritual connection she feels for the landscape. Denise believes that being an artist is a calling that involves preserving, celebrating, and sharing in God’s creation. This sense of having a God-given purpose motivates her to paint from the heart and challenges her to continue to sharpen her skills, understanding, and dedication.

Born in 1957, Mahlke is a native of Texas, currently living in Waco with her husband, Ray. Her work has been featured in American Artist, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Pastel Journal, Plein Air Magazine, Southwest Art, and Western Art Collector. She is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America and an Out-of-State-Artist member of the California Art Club. Denise is represented by InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, M Gallery of Fine Art in Charleston, South Carolina, and The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts in Mt. Carmel, Utah.

2013 Work



Rock Rhythms

Salt Flats