The Artists

Bob “Shoofly” Shufelt

I loved horses before I ever thought of drawing cowboy art, but I wanted to be a cowboy before I could ever afford a horse.  In the past hundred years, what other working men have had art forms written, filmed, photographed, recited, sung, painted, drawn and sculpted of their eminence?  I think it’s because cowboys work off the backs of horses.  A horse gives a man nobility.

Cowboys have always been my heroes.  I know of no other labor that involves so much skill for so little pay as that of the professional cowboy.  Yet it   would be difficult for an outsider to determine whether they are working or playing.

If I am gifted, it is in knowing when to seize opportunities which enabled me to improve skills and intuition.  With the combination of my wife’s common sense and my clarity of purpose, the two of us have established an aesthetic insight and reverence for the ranching culture that embodies the soul of “Shoofly”.  My goal has always been that my drawings will continue to grow in stature, illustrating a cowboy legacy long after I’m gone.

As for today, I’d like to continue to draw forever, which is, no doubt, the intent in any artist’s existence.   Concerning what lies ahead, as long as I can see that little hole in the pencil sharpener, and pull myself on to the back of a horse…I’m good!

2014 Work

A Romp Around the Ranch

Early O'Clock

He'll Do To Ride With

Out To Prowl Pastures...Inspired by Howard Post


2013 Work

High Pockets

No Matter the Brand

Pretty Girls

The Sunshine Kid

2012 Work

Comfortable Like an Old Boot

Mother’s Day


We’re Gettin’ Western Now Boys...!

2011 Work

Chasin Daylight


High Noon

Oh Git Over It!