The Artists

Bob “Shoofly” Shufelt

What is wonderful about The West Select is that its artists are not directing their work toward a specific market, instead they are creating what they enjoy and do best, thus enabling the collector a heterogeneous, inspired art experience. ” – Bob “Shoofly” Shufelt 

New Mexican cowboy artist Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt’s graphite drawings have become an important thread in the fabric of Western Art, earning world wide recognition. His work illuminates the bare bones of an artist’s craft and portrays the physical evidence of his perception. They are celebrations of a dreamer who has allowed his dream to become reality with all its grit and honesty, yet he still finds the work endlessly interesting and satisfying. He has an artist’s vision of cowboys as they can only be around another cowboy, unposed and unself-conscious. They are men who practice their vision of superiority in whatever they do, leaving it up to the rest of us to determine whether they’re working or playing. These disciples of the “cowboy way” are Shoofly’s top hands and his work is forever honored by their friendship.

2013 Work

High Pockets

No Matter the Brand

Pretty Girls

The Sunshine Kid

2012 Work

Comfortable Like an Old Boot

Mother’s Day


We’re Gettin’ Western Now Boys...!

2011 Work

Chasin Daylight


High Noon

Oh Git Over It!